Carnival Miami

From: "Nick Marrero" <>

Date: March 28, 2004 6:21:40 PM EST

To: "Radio Vilma Rizo" <>

Subject: Latin Jazz Expressions 90FM WWSP




  I want to thank you for sending me the Marco Rizo cd. When I looked at the line up on the cd I was taken back my thoughts were this got to be a gem for the archives. Well it is, Marco was ahead of his time and I can see why the other great musicians joined him on these recording. Marco's piano playing is style and edgy at the same time. This selection of recordings is a wonderful way for me to give my audience more on the connection of artist like Marco with the influence of the music of the United States. Once again I say thank you for a wonderful release.



Nick Marrero

Latin Jazz Expressions

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Carnival Miami
Carnival Miami