"Carnival Miami" is compilation of latin jazz recordings by legendary Marco Rizo accompanied by:
Candido Camero, Israel Lopez"Cachao",
Jose Mangual, Bobby Rodriguez, Willy Rodriguez,
Alberto Socarras, Rene Luis Toledo

Release Date: 2000
Artist: Marco Rizo
Label: SAMPI

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Kittens on the Keys, Brazil

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Release Date: 1998
Artist: Marco Rizo
Label: SAMPI

Music Clips - Los Tres Golpes , Toccata

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"Habaneras" is the legacy of four Cuban pianists that explored the classic tradition

The Most Beloved Recordings
byMarco Rizo!
"Lecuona a Musical Legacy"

Release Date: 1999
Artist: Marco Rizo
Label: SAMPI

Music clip -†MalagueŮa , Siboney

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Tenerife, Spain, Fall of '63 ...
Ernesto Lecuona had been ill for some time
and would pass away that November.†
A final telephone call to New York City† turned out to express the composer's last wish:† "Marco, you are my greatest interpreter.. you must record my piano music."

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